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Hi, I'm Marisa 

I have been a birth worker for over 15 years. My life's mission is to aide family in achieving transformative birth experiences. My birth experience has been in a variety of settings such as:  hospitals, birth centers and home settings.  


My years of experience have left me with a few beliefs surrounding birth.  I believe Birth:

  1.  Should not be managed or controlled (unless there's an emergency)


  2.  Is a primal/instinctual process


  3.  Is a transformative experience and requires wholistic preparation beforehand


  4.   trust, safety and surrender are imperative.

  5. Should be mother led

  6. The environment we choose to birth in affects the birthing process.


Currently I teach childbirth education classes at Tourmaline Wellness Collective and I take private doula clients.  I believe that education is the best way to combat the fear and anxiety that can precede birth. I firmly believe that the best way to address each client’s needs is meet them where they are at.  Birth  is not a "one size fits all" experience and every family deserves a doula that can provide individualized education, and care. 

In her own words...

"Throughout my entire pregnancy, I was never scared of anything when it came to my delivery . I truly believe it was because I knew I’d have Marisa by my side. I trusted her the be my advocate as I knew hospitals typically weren’t the most keen on my choice to have natural/unmedicated delivery.

When my contractions first began, I was in contact with her.  She provided a sense of calmness and assurance that everything was going to be alright. She walked me and my husband through some suggestions to make things more comfortable (taking a bath, trying to rest in bed). Then she started communicating solely with my husband and he let her know once the contractions were close. She met us at our house and when the time came for us go to the hospital, she went with us. 

Marisa did not leave my side throughout my 25 hour labor! She was there with my husband and I. Encouraging and helping me along. She also offered suggestions for my husband to help me in certain positions during my contractions. So he too could be apart of the entire process. Despite, the doctors encouraging me to get medicated to speed the process along. I was able to follow my birth plan and have an unmedicated, natural birth. My husband and I are forever grateful for Marisa. She is a godsend and I truly believe she was destined in life to follow this path.  My husband and I both felt a sense of constant peace in her presence. She is a beautiful soul. I can’t imagine going through labor without her! I will without a doubt use her for our next baby! She is even there for you postpartum and assists you in anything and everything you could possibly need."


"My husband and I had been going back and forth in regards to whether or not we should have a doula. We met Marisa and her passion for supporting and empowering families through the birth process was so genuine and sincere that within moments of meeting her I KNEW we needed to have her at our birth.
As a first time mother I was scared of the unknown. Marisa shared resources, videos, love and support before our daughter’s birth.  She held my heart and strengthened my mind through labor. She gave my husband the strength and confidence to give me that same support. She empowered us as a couple which led to the most beautiful beginning of our family. We couldn’t have done it without her and I will be forever grateful. To this day she continues to check in with us and she will always be a part of our family!"

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Doula Support Services
Holistic Childbirth Education
Birth Planning and Consulting

With 15 years of experience, I manage to incorporate a variety of different strategies into my approach as a professional doula. During our session, we’ll map your needs to come up with personalized birth preferences  that you and your partner will feel comfortable with .


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