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How I became a birth worker, educator and doula


From a young age I was curious about birth.  So when the time came for me to begin own birth journey I realized there was so much I didn't know.  I sought out to find the answers and trust in the greater plan for my life.  Everything that followed altered the course of my life forever.

Before I became a mother I was fortunate enough to shadow a wise independent Midwife.  I became a sponge and asked all the questions she taught me so much. Then I attended my first birth and that experience changed me.  Tears flowed from my eyes, as if I was the one who had just given birth.  Just one year later I would be bringing my first child earthside.  My midwife would tell me (in the throes of labor) "just surrender and let yourself go to the birth planet Marisa."

 Eventually I would surrender and go to that place we go to when it's time to bring our babies home.  My "thinking brain" switched off and allowed "my birthing body" to take over.

The last 15 years has provided me with so many opportunities to support pregnant women and their families.  I have extensive experience supporting mothers in birth centers, hospital and at home.  

Currently I'm taking doula clients and teaching Childbirth Education classes at Tourmaline Wellness Collective in San Diego, CA.  

If you have questions about how I can support you on your birth journey then lets get in touch.

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