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"My husband and I had been going back and forth in regards to whether or not we should have a doula. We met Marisa and her passion for supporting and empowering families through the birth process was so genuine and sincere that within moments of meeting her I KNEW we needed to have her at our birth.

As a first time mother I was scared of the unknown. Marisa shared resources, videos, love and support before our daughter’s birth.  She held my heart and strengthened my mind through labor. She gave my husband the strength and confidence to give me that same support. She empowered us as a couple which led to the most beautiful beginning of our family. We couldn’t have done it without her and I will be forever grateful. To this day she continues to check in with us and she will always be a part of our family!"


"I am so grateful that I had Marisa as my doula for the birth of my second son. She was wonderful through every step of the process, from meeting in advance to discuss our previous experience, concerns, and hopes for this birth, to the actual day-of. I was in denial and had some jitters when I went into preterm labor at 37 + 5 weeks, but she was so gracious and attentive, coming over right away. Marisa played with my four-year-old and made space for me to focus on my own experience. She talked through my fears and helped me accept what was happening. She gave me simple and effective cues to get through contractions and let me birth at my own pace. She also served as a liaison with my husband who was at work, our cousin who later came to watch my son, and my midwife, so I didn't have to think about anything or anyone else. It was just us the majority of the time, and I liked it that way... just quiet and grounded and feminine. Ultimately, I had an uncomplicated, unmedicated VBAC at home."


“Marisa was so amazing as my Doula. She came over every week to prep us & was present right when I needed her. She coached me through incredibly difficult contractions and was my rock when I couldnt take the pain anymore. It made me feel comfortable and ready having her help me the whole way through. I basically paid to have a friend for life at the most important moment of my life. I will always consider Marisa someone so special to our family”


Marisa was the biggest blessing we could have asked for in our birth experience. She exudes peace and grace, and from the moment she arrived in my labor, she completely put me at ease. Every time I lost my rhythm and started to get lost in the contractions, she would slow me down and help me breath through the waves and find my peace again. She kept me out of my head and in my body. 

She also brought so much knowledge and expertise about practical ways to help my body through contractions. I had back labor, and she knew the exact ways to put pressure on my back to ease the intensity. She walked me through breathing exercises and helped me intentionally relax my body through each surge, and she made countless recommendations to help my labor progress smoothly.

Marisa was with us through every twist and turn of a 72 hour labor, and she felt like the greatest comfort to both me and my husband. In the midst of a new and very out-of-control experience, she brought the peace and wisdom I needed to embrace the process. From our home, to the birth center, to a hospital transfer— Marisa was the consistent stabilizing support we needed. She was never out of her element, even when my birth didn’t go as planned. She was able to help my husband make decisions, communicate with midwives and doctors, and be the calming presence I needed through the whole thing. 

My husband and I are both so thankful we had her with us to navigate through labor, and we plan to have her with us for every future child!!! 


Marisa was a true pleasure to work with, and we couldn't recommend her enough. She played such a central role in the birth of our daughter.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, accessible, and friendly.  Her positive energy, and calm, confident demeanor set the tone of the room, and allowed us to be calm and confident as well.  We couldn't imagine the whole experience without her.  Marisa also provided us with support before and after our birth, and is always available to answer our questions.  In the future we hope we will be so lucky to have Marisa's support again.


“Hiring Marisa was the best thing I could have ever done, especially since my labor ended up being 83 hours! Even though I understood the importance of a doula during a natural unmedicated birth, I had NO idea how much I will actually need her and lean on her. Marisa stood by my side, together with my fiancé for the entire 83 hours, including my transfer to the hospital at hour 75. She was my voice of reason (at the hospital to make sure my hospital birth plan was as close to what I wanted as possible), my support… my everything. When you hire a doula, there needs to be an instant deep connection, as this is your lifeline during probably the most difficult thing you will ever do and experience, especially as a first time mom and a possible long labor! Marisa is THAT person… who carries you, supports you, and cheers you on not only during your labor, but before and after as well. My fiancé and I cannot imagine going through this experience without her. It’s safe to say, we have remained amazing friends since, and I cannot wait to doula it up with her for my 2nd pregnancy! <3. “



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