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I offer continuous emotional and physical support throughout your labor.  In addition I bring supportive equipment:

1. TENS unit
2. Rebozo
3. Massage Gun
4. Birth Sling
5. Electric candles
6. Diffuser and organic essential oils
7. Peanut ball

Additional Services: 
1. Childbirth Education classes
2. On call support from week 37-42
3. Light birth photography 
4. Birth Plan Guidance and template
5. Pregnancy and Postpartum resources
6. 2 in person meetups


What you can expect from me as your doula

  1. I am committed to your satisfaction in your birth and postpartum journey.

  2.  I will work with you to ease your fears, address your concerns and answer your questions.  

  3. I will help you prepare your birth plan and prepare you to feel confidence going into your birth.  

  4. I understand no two birth are alike and I want you to fully understand all your options, alternatives, risks and trade-offs.

  5. I will assist your partner in finding ways to comfort you and be present and confident.

  6. I will respect your decisions and desires with no judgement.

  7. I provide continuous emotional, informations and physical support throughout your birth.

  8. Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to me. This is your birth and it's like Vegas..."because what happens during birth stays between us."

  9. I provide a postpartum support visit where we can discuss your birth experience and I can assist you with lactation. 

  10. Not sure who to go to for acupuncture, chiropractic, pelvic floor therapy, placenta encapsulation? I can provide referrals for a wide array of vetted pre-natal, postpartum and family wellness practitioners.

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